Shorts for Sale

I try to make a living as a writer and so some of my work is for sale. Here are three shorts in E-versions only (graphics link to Amazon):

When Frederick is bad, he's very, very bad!
Shadows in a Brilliant Life is a short story in which Captain Frederick Wentworth is not an honorable man, but a man looking to gratify his own selfish desires. when Anne Elliot sees that Louisa Musgrove is the object of Wentworth's lust, she must try to stop him. with Louisa out of danger, is Anne his new target?


The success of Persuasion is predicated on the once engaged Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth meeting after a separation of nearly nine years. In this time, both have changed a great deal. She has learnt that love is not as easily had as she thought when she was 19, and he has gotten the money and success he hungered after as a younger man. When they meet again, there is still much pride and misunderstanding to overcome before all is set to right.


"Outbreak!" meets "It Happened One Night."
In Chapter 9 of the original Persuasion, Frederick Wentworth goes to Uppercross Cottage looking for Louisa and Henrietta. Unexpectedly, he finds himself alone with Anne Elliot and eventually rescues her from the naughty antics of her nephew, little Walter. In this version, the apothecary, Mr Robinson, has come to check on the injured little Charles and in a twist of the story, declares a quarantine! When Anne and Frederick are forced to stay alone together in one room, with a sick child to care for, will they overcome their pride and anger? This short story combines a little bit of "Outbreak!" with a lot of "It Happened One Night." Happy ending included at no charge.

All stories are available, in electronic versions only, from Amazon