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A Hero's Guide to Gift Giving Our most recent comic collaboration. (Faced with yet another birthday, Jane Austen's heroes struggle to choose something appropriate.)
Mightier Than The Sword, Miss Austen? Our comic Austenesque Extravaganza offering for 2011. (Over beer at The Chawton Arms, our heroes decide to take letter writing out of Miss Austen’s hands and into their own.)


Susan Kaye didn't write fiction until she fell in love with the characters of Persuasion. She found a website called and there, found a story board called Bits of Ivory. She decided to tell Captain Frederick's Wentworth's version of Persuasion, first in several free online stories and then in two novels: None But You and For You Alone.

The free stories are still online and available to readers:
Plymouth (What did the Captain do after leaving Lyme?)
A Brother is Born for Adversity (He was six weeks with his brother in Shropshire)
For You Alone (free story not to be confused with the novel) (Ten days to make things right)
The Knowledge of His Being There (With Frederick by her side, Anne sees things differently)
The Villain's Part (William Elliot is now the baronet)
Had I But Written (In the year '08, this is how it might have gone)

Susan will be the first to tell you she has a short attention span. So, when things get bogged down while writing a novel, it's not unusual for her to work up a short story. Or two, or more. Here are some free stories she's written since publishing.

Time Brings Many Changes (A career in the Navy is never easy on a man, or his wife)
Frederick's Dilemma (A New Year's short)
Laura Hile and Susan Kaye started writing fiction together over ten years ago. Their master work is the five volume What-If, Love Suffers Long and Is Kind. The story pairs Frederick Wentworth with Louisa Musgrove, and Anne Elliot with James Benwick. (Hints of this pairing are in Persuasion. "I was hers, (Louisa Musgrove's) in honour..." is what Wentworth tells Anne on the Gravel Walk when they have reconciled.)

The story is long and involved ... and some have said they like it (*gasp*) even better than the original ... much to the consternation of others. So, click here and get started reading Love Suffers Long and Is Kind.
Laura Hile and Susan Kaye have also written some shorts mocking celebrating the character of Sir Walter Elliot, the beloved patriarch of the Elliot family in Persuasion. Enjoy.
Sir Walter on Safari (Sir Walter tries Eco-tourism)
Sir Walter Sends a Valentine (Sir Walter gets in the middle of Anne and Frederick's reunion)
Sir Walter and the Leprechaun (Laura Hile writes Sir Walter looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow)
Coffee-induced madness by Susan Kaye and Laura Hile involving Anne and Frederick, written while Love Suffers Long was being written and posted.
Love Suffers Not At All and Is Instantly Gratified (Anne's patience is rewarded RIGHT AWAY!)
Nothing to Keep The From Their Appointed Rounds (A New Year's interlude)