About Me *UPDATED*

So, do you write the About page as if it's someone else doing it? Or, do you write it like you're writing it? I'll do the latter.

My name is Susan Kaye and I live in Oregon. I've been married for 32 years to my great husband, Bill. I have two grown kids and a granddaughter. Oh, and a dog that hates me. We live in an old farmhouse. The rent is cheap and the view is terrific. I write slightly romantic historic fiction based on the characters of Jane Austen's Persuasion.

I started writing fiction about 12 years ago and have published two books and am working on a third.

There's not much else to tell. I hope you settle in, read a few of my free stories online, maybe buy a book or two. Three when the third is available.

Take care--Sue

That was written a couple of years ago. I still have the husband and the grown kids and granddaughter. The dog has passed on. I am still writing and hope ot have a third book out by the end of 2012.

Thanks for stopping by. Again ;-)